D.Dexterity is a choker-based accessory line founded by 20 year old college student, Daija Little, from Richmond, Virginia. She formed a strong admiration for chokers as a teenager and decided to start Daija's Dexterity with the purpose of bringing a better name and more versatility to the modern day "choker". Recently, she decided to expand her vision of the D.dexterity Collection with the addition of other accessories including sunglasses, anklets, personalized jewelry, head wear, and more.


To set these accessories apart from others that are often seen, Daija's Dexterity offers a collection of luxurious accessories—as well as a selection of items that have been carefully hand-made by the owner herself.


For handmade items, customers can make special requests (in reference to design, color, and size) by emailing Prices can vary depending upon request.